tribal pants & milk maid braids.

milkmaid braids and tribal pants. these two things are deemed “fashion forward” around these parts. i must be some kind of crazy woman to wear such outrageous hairstyles and getups. and guess where i get to flaunt my trendy style?

work and wal mart. {snore}

someone conjure me up a magical subway that takes me all the way to the streets of new york. pretty please? where my tribal pants can be among friends. and where i can get lost in a sea of milk maid braids.

until then, i will keep on wearing bright colors, outrageously tall shoes, high waisted “are those mom pants?” pants, and just plain standing out like a sore thumb.

 tribal pants: riffraff or {bloom}

top: cotton on

wedges: forever 21

arrow necklace: anthropologie

turquoise ring: bloom

bag: target {similar}

infinite amount of thick hair: she get it from her mama

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10 thoughts on “tribal pants & milk maid braids.

  1. The third Jessica to comment

    I completely understand the whole standing out like a sore thumb. I’m in Nashville now where people are a bit more fashion forward, but whenever I visit my family (in Columbia, SC) I almost want to scream with all the people staring at me.

    1. Signe Post author

      oh, i love nashville! want to take a road trip there sometime soon! such a fun scene! thanks for reading! xo

  2. Sara

    Do you know where somebody could get pants similar to the ones you are wearing in this post? I absolutely love them but have been having a hard time finding an affordable, similar pair!



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