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Tribal & Mint

There is something so wonderful about shifting temperatures right before a new season begins.  I love the surprise of waking up extra early one morning for a quick run, and realizing the air has a little bit of a chill to it.  It makes getting dressed in the morning a little more bearable.  Now, I…

Eat A Lot. Sleep A Lot.

Well, it’s definitely been a minute! Or two! I have definitely enjoyed sleeping in the past few weeks, but those days need to end! I need to get back into my blogging game.  There is something about the promise of warm weather that keeps me going. I am definitely a sunshine girl. I don’t like dragging myself out…

A Winter Cure

Well, winter has decided to blow its way back into Texas and show its ugly face again. It’s not that I hate winter. And I know, every spring, there are an abundance of comments claiming that winter will never end and spring seems so far off. But, it’s true! You get a little taste of Spring,…