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Wednesdays seem to always come out of nowhere and totally take me by surprise. In a good way and a bad way, I suppose.  I’m always thinking of all the things I still have left to do in the week, but also thinking of the fact that it’s almost the weekend. On Sunday of last…

Back To Reality

Oh my goodness, what a whirlwind these past few weeks have been. The mission trip Chad and I went on to Costa Rica was absolutely humbling, heart wrenching and joy filled. All at once.  I worked at a medical clinic most of the days we were there, while Chad filmed a house build in San Jose. The family…

Cloudy Blues

 It’s cloudy out today, which basically means one thing. I wish I was curled up at home in bed watching endless episodes of Parenthood and snuggling with my pup. I really do despise summer days when the sky is full of ugly, dark grey clouds. I would much rather have the sun shining through. Unless it’s…