summertime whimsy

it’s officially summertime here in texas.
how do i know this?
well, when you walk outside into a blanket of breath suppressing heat?
you know summer is here to stay.

i walked home from work yesterday in a sleeveless dress and sandals.
and by the time i got home, i pretty much looked as though i had run a marathon.
i decided that could take the place of an evening workout.
makes total sense, right?

and as i was sweating on my walk home last night,
a sweet old man called out to me from his yard..
are you a model?”
{bless his sweet, old heart.}
he wondered why i was always walking by his house in pretty dresses and asked where i was modeling downtown.
again, bless his little heart.
besides the rather awkward conversation that took place in his front yard, he sure brightened up my day.
and now i’ll know he is always watching out his window….
if this wasn’t small town texas, and that man didn’t look a bit like old kris kringle, that would worry me just a bit.

so since this heat is here to stay, summer dresses are in full swing.
i am loving this watercolor whimsy dress from tulle and these peep toes from blowfish.
it’s the perfect breezy, relaxed summer outfit.
now all i need is a slice of watermelon and a porch swing.

dress: c/o tulle
wedges: c/o blowfish
clutch: c/o lulu*s

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21 thoughts on “summertime whimsy

  1. Melissa

    Signe! You’re just so pretty. :) I always look forward to your new posts. And Kris Kringle was right- You ‘could’ be a model!

    Melissa @

    1. Signe Post author

      ha, thanks Kelsey! oh, you could girl. it’s not that hard, I promise! :) if I can do it, you can!

  2. Sara Strauss

    So cute! I love the pattern of the dress! How wonderful that the man complimented you! Maybe a little creepy, but still sweet!

  3. aiyana

    this dress is so pretty! i love the material, the print and the fabric looks so light i just wanna twirl it haha! the clutch goes so well! I’m glad you’re back from vacation, missed your adorable posts!

  4. l.m.a

    A someone who cannot pull off the milkmaid braid because of my crazy thick hair, I love this option!

    1. Signe Post author

      girl, I feel ya! I wish I could, but it just ends up looking scary! this is definitely a great option and I do it often! :)


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