pops of pink.

my casual friday became a little confusing when i put these pink shoes on. they were deeeep inside my closet. i’m talking way back in the dark and maybe under a piece of clothing or two. and then magically one ended up outside of the door begging to be tried on. and that was the end of casual friday.

so i’m sorry that my casual isn’t really looking all that “casual” today. but since i threw on pink shoes, i toned it down with some gingham and a sweater. it’s the least i could do.

and about these pink shoes. i’m not really a “pink” kinda gal. but i went out on a limb. (a really long limb) and purchased them. and apparently i was really feeling the pink today. because as you can see, the pink showed up on my purse. and then my lips.

just call me crazy. the crazy pink lady.

skinnies: forever 21
sweater: gap {similar}
gingham button up: forever 21
shoes: forever 21
bag: target

and of course, casual friday means that my man makes an appearance. he’s looking handsome with a new shave and haircut. (even though i love his beard, i’m happy to see his handsome face again)

shirt: pennystock
pants: target
shoes: urban outfitters {similar}

and yeah. we self timered. guilty as charged.

have a great weekend, y’all!


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