little home. little world. little bit of love mixed in.

hello, blog world. ive been meaning to join you for oh, so long now.  here’s my first question. why doesn’t anyone inform you of the side effects of creating a blog? ie sleep loss, hair loss (from pulling out many strands in a stressful, angry fury), and/or getting angry with your husband for not screen shotting the right pixels for a header?  tis a shame how hard it is.  so for now, my blog will be as simple as simple gets. kind of like it like that, though. i reside in a tiny little home built in the 1920’s, on a peaceful little street.  in a little state you may know called texas.  i recently uprooted myself from my native state of arkansas, packed my life in my car, and set up home in dallas, texas. a few years flew by, and in a crazy story for another time… i met a boy from LA by way…