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There is something so wonderful about shifting temperatures right before a new season begins.  I love the surprise of waking up extra early one morning for a quick run, and realizing the air has a little bit of a chill to it.  It makes getting dressed in the morning a little more bearable.  Now, I know as seasons change, people are always wishing for that cooler weather to come a little sooner.  Part of me feels that, but the other part of me wishes people would just let seasons be seasons.  I am guilty of hurrying along the end of summer, but in the midst of a cold winter?  I always wonder why I wished the warm temperatures away….
The grass always seems greener on the other side, hmm?

Last week was really busy around the Hugghins household. (Hence the lack of blog posts!) Chad and I decided to plank panel our kitchen, and well, it turned out to be quite the project. I love the finished product, though! I have always loved the “white” look.  I think it might be the perfectionist in me.  Loving when things look clean and pretty. (That’s a double edged sword, mind you!)  And also, I was surprised how quickly Chad said yes to the all white kitchen! Every time I buy a piece of furniture, he says “as long as you don’t bring it home and paint it white!”

Anyway, we are hustling and bustling to get the inside of the house finished before Fall rolls around.  As soon as that chill is in the air, to the outside projects we go!
We have plans to dig up the yard and finally get our hands dirty.
But until we aren’t dripping with sweat and swarmed with mosquitoes? That project is on hold!

Until then, another summer dress, of course!


Dress: c/o Savoir-Faire
Shoes: Target
Clutch: Gap






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Lavender Love

I wore this dress last night on a little date with Chad.
I love that we can decide last minute to take a little stroll from our house down to the square. Since we are there during the day, we know what the hustle and bustle is like at that time. But, it’s nice to change it up and see it at night, too. There is definitely a different vibe and it’s just so magical down there. We strolled hand and hand trying to decide what we wanted to eat for dinner. Talking and dreaming and scheming. Just a few of my favorite things to do with my gingersnap.  And this dress was just perfect for a summery Texas evening.
The color, the flutter sleeve, the fit. Everything about it.

I’ve collaborated with one of my favorites, Maude Boutique, for a little giveaway!
So, hop on over to my Instagram to win this dress!

Maude10  Dress: c/o Maude
Seychelles Wedges: Maude
*If you’re in the “Fall” mood, check out Maude’s new Seychelles booties. I’m in love!*





Maude16   Maude11   Maude3

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Wednesdays seem to always come out of nowhere and totally take me by surprise. In a good way and a bad way, I suppose.  I’m always thinking of all the things I still have left to do in the week, but also thinking of the fact that it’s almost the weekend.

On Sunday of last week, Chad and I decided to do a little kitchen renovation. It’s hard to believe we’ve already been living in our new home for 10 months! We’ve done so much in that amount of time, and it feels as though we are almost finished.  When we started our renovations last October, everything happened so quickly!  We took down walls, we sanded, we ripped down wallpaper. The whole nine yards.  I think we were just so eager to get all that ugly wallpaper down and a fresh coat of white paint up, that we didn’t really think about what we truly “wanted” each room to look like. So over the past several months, we’ve been able to transform each room into something we both desire.  And on that note, for some reason, our kitchen had been bothering me for the past few months. Something just didn’t feel right.  (It could have been the fact that we hadn’t even really finished painting it, so all of the edges and corners were still a hideous yellow color!)  We mulled it over, and decided to do pine tongue and groove plank paneling (which is actually original to several of the houses here on the historical square).  We have been working from after 5pm until almost 10pm every night since Sunday, and I’m getting so excited!  I love the way it has turned out, and can’t wait to share it with y’all!  I am so, so ready to be done with all of these house projects!

We did, however, get the chance to enjoy a little weekend break and go on a double date with some friends.  Who, by the way,  just closed on a house and are moving to historical Mckinney.  They will be just a hop, skip and jump away.  We couldn’t be more excited.  You know when you meet those friends you just wouldn’t mind sharing life with?  Yep, they fit the mold.  We are seriously beyond thrilled.  I’ve been doing little happy dances all week.

For casual date nights, especially on these hot summer days, I have loved pulling out these shorts. They are seriously some of the most comfortable shorts I have ever purchased. Also, if you don’t have one yet? You must go purchase a piko shirt from Riffraff. They have a million different styles, and they are quite literally the coziest tee you will own.  They are stretchy, soft and could easily moonlight as pajamas.  Also!  Don’t forget, if you use the code “signeroo” at checkout, you get 10% off your order!


Piko Top: c/o Riffraff
Shorts: Forever 21
Shoes: c/o Riffraff
Bag: c/o Lulu*s
Necklace: c/o Moorea Seal


casual5 casual   casual8    casual3   casual6   casual11

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Cotton Candy Sunrise

When I received this gorgeous dress in the mail from Shabby Apple, so many different photo opportunities came to mind. I loved the simple beauty of it. The fit, the length, the details. Chad and I had been talking about waking up early to enjoy a Texas sunrise one morning, so I thought, why not take a few photos while we are at it?

Sometimes, on the weekends, Chad and I will hop in the car and cruise around with the windows down.  Sipping a cold drink, summer just blowing through our hair. And all of a sudden, i’ll get the urge to drive down this long, winding country road just around the corner from our house. I’ll call out “wait, wait! turn!” and our car slowly makes it’s way down the road that turns old rundown buildings into corn fields.

There is something about a country road that just soothes my soul.  I love the beauty of the wide open spaces.  I love watching the tall grass blow in the wind like waves in the ocean. Reaching out across the horizon, as if begging the sun to bend down and kiss the tops of each grain of wheat.  I close my eyes and breathe it in.  Fresh air.  There is nothing in this world that beats the smell of wildflowers and freshly cut grass.  A historic prairie home sits at the top of the hill. Overlooking miles of corn fields and crops.  We dream about living there some day. A farm of our own with chickens, a few toddlers running around barefoot and causing trouble. Maybe even a horse. It’s a completely different world three minutes down that road.
Leaving reality and diving headfirst into the untouched beauty of nature just gives my heart the jolt it needs.  There is something so peaceful about it. It makes me feel whole.

So that morning, we drove down that road, past the oceans of grass, past the prairie house as it was waking up to greet the day, and we found the perfect spot.  A field of wheat that had recently been harvested.  There was something so raw and natural about it as the sun came up over the trees.  The light was a soft pink and everything felt a little bit like cotton candy. A cotton candy sunrise.  A magical, quiet moment in a loud and busy world.


Dress: c/o Shabby Apple
Necklace: c/o Chain Crochet
Shoes: Target
Bag: c/o Lulu*s


ShabbyApple4   ShabbyApple   ShabbyApple8

ShabbyApple15   ShabbyApple1   ShabbyApple5   ShabbyApple12   ShabbyApple22

Now, go enjoy a morning sunrise this weekend. You’ll thank me for it.

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