morning jeanscapade

my straight legged jeans are mourning in my closet right now.

i can’t remember the last time i wore denim that had a little flare. and these jeans, my friends. these jeans are the ones that you pull out of the closet when you feel as though maybe you are having a “skinny” moment…hoping that just maybe you can tug them up over your legs and bum. {i know you know what i’m talking about} so in the past two years, i have tried that little morning ritual a few too many times. and i have to say, it never ended well. every single time, i silently folded them back up in defeat. placed them back in the farthest corner of the closet. and vowed never to try that again.

but alas. this morning, i slipped these babies on in confidence.
over the thighs? check.
over the bum? check.
buttoned? check.
zipped? check

{sigh of relief. a punch of the air in excitement. maybe a little hoop n holler}

so today is the day i’m bringing my flare jeans out of the corner of the closet. i already had an outfit picked out for today, but i thought to myself…signe, you never know when these babies will button again. so a new outfit was created.

and that was the story of my morning jeanscapade. and i’m sure i went into too much detail and talked way too much about my bum. but you get the picture.
high fives all around for buttons buttoning and zippers zipping.

jeans: sevens {similar} & {similar}

top: target {something similar}

wedges: forever 21

bracelet: anthropologie

necklace: anthropologie

also, i tried my hand at the amazing joanna goddards {from a cup of jo} half-up braided crown tutorial. i let my hair dry naturally and just curled the front pieces, so mine could use some work. but what a lovely tutorial!


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16 thoughts on “morning jeanscapade

  1. Veronika (Girl & Closet)

    Hello! Firstly, thrilled to have discovered your blog via Selective Potential – you are adorable!! And yes to wearing flared jeans – you’ve styled yours beautifully. I love my skinnies, but lately, I’ve been pulling out the dark flares as well + they’re so perfect with a gorgeous pair of heels! xo

  2. Kate

    Aw, such a great feeling! A feeling that I’m hoping will happen to me this spring, haha, and not the other way around. I LOVE your sequin sleeves, they bring the perfect touch of glam to a casual outfit, and your hair looks so pretty here!

  3. Carley

    I definitely can relate to you ‘that pair of jeans’ – and oh what a brilliant feeling it is when they fit and feel comfortable!
    This outfit is lovely – the colours are beautiful, and your hair looks stunning :)
    I hope you are enjoying your day!

  4. Stephanie

    This is adorable!! I love the jeans, the hair, and most importantly the adorable top that you are making me wish I bought those 10 times I passed it up at Target on clearance! haha! ;D

    1. Signe Post author

      ha! you are so sweet! i passed it by many times too, and finally decdied “why, not?!” 😉 thanks for reading! xo

  5. Rebecca

    Gotta love those moments when you fit into something that hasn’t fit for a while – it’s pretty wonderful.

    You look lovely in this ensemble but my favourite bit is the sequinned sleeves on that sweater!

  6. Lizzie

    This look is soooo pretty! I love the top and those jeans are pure perfection. Also, could your hair be anymore gorgeous?! I think not!

    So glad I found your blog via Tieka!


    1. Signe Post author

      thanks lizzie! you are so sweet! i’m so glad you found my blog, too! :) thanks for reading and for the love! xo


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