lemonade days

so after failing miserably at a run after work with my husband yesterday, I needed a little pick me up this morning. chad coerced me into setting out my running clothes at lunch yesterday so that when we got home, it would be easy to get right into a workout.
does he really think setting out my clothes will do the trick? entice me with skittles or some other sugary treat, and maybe we can start talking.

but, I put on my big girl panties {figuratively speaking. I was actually wearing bike shorts. more on that later, though} and went for a nice, hot, sweaty, terrible, “I wanna just forget about it” run. y’all. don’t run after work. in the summer. in texas. in 100 degrees.
i started out strong, then my body started to turn against me and my pace slowed a bit. and then a bit more. I was drenched from head to toe (literally. you could wring me out by the end of it) and those bike shorts were creeping up into places they shouldn’t, and i was flinging around my ear phones in frustration.
it wasn’t pretty.

i made it, though.
and i won’t be doing it again.
{morning only} runs for me from now on.

on top of all of that running in the “warning, heat stroke is imminent” heat…the appraisal we were waiting on yesterday for our new house was postponed until today.
and we are still impatiently waiting.

so what do you do when life hands you a big ol’ bag of lemons?
you wear a dress that looks like a walking advertisement of one of those lemonade stands you find on every corner in the summer.
and what’s better than the thought of sweet little kiddos selling lemonade for a nickel with big toothless smiles and not a care in the world?

dress: c/o tulle
wedges: forever 21





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