dots not all.

i never thought i would wear polka dot pants. let alone, denim polka dot pants.
in the past, i would have felt like buying {on purpose} a pair of polka dotted jeans, would be the equivalent of having a jean/denim comforter adorn my bed.
{those are real, people. i had a friend in college who had one. we called it the “jilt”}
but these ladies were just calling my name.
so, of course, i had to purchase them.
yes, i keep looking down to see if i spilled something on my jeans. only to realize that, no, those are just a thousand tiny white polka dots.
those are there on purpose.

dots not all.
{see what i did there?}
i’m also wearing denim on denim.
but it’s monday. and anything goes on mondays.

polka dot jeans: target
wedges: target
chambray button up: gap
infinity scarf: gap
watch: michael kors


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