when walking this road called life, we are met with choices.

for instance. should i wear nude or mustard pants this morning? is it smart to wear pants that look similar to my leg color from long distances, which results in looking like i am wearing no pants at all? if someone stares at me like i’m not wearing pants, should i yell out “i know it doesn’t look like it, but i’m wearing pants!” and yet, what if that person isn’t looking at me even though i thought they were…. and instead i just sound like a crazy person who may or may not be wearing pants.

i went with the mustard.

this way everyone knows i am indeed wearing pants.

and so another morning has come and gone. another choice was made. and my nude pants are folded away for a bold and better day.

sweater: forever 21

mustard skinnies: target

wedges: forever 21

necklace: anthropologie



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