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With Spring weather just around the corner (and by that, i mean tomorrow!) I am once again perusing the internet and filling up my online baskets like money just grows on trees.  What is it about online “window” shopping that just fills up a girls heart?  There’s something about clicking “add to basket” one by one, until you have more than your closet could fill.
And then just shut your computer.
It’s a hard reality, ladies.

But with Spring warming my cold, winter bones…my eyes are open to all of the beautiful colors popping up everywhere. I can’t wait to dip my toes into the pool of short sleeves, maxi dresses, midi skirts and casual tennies.

I put together a teeny tiny wish list of a few of my current favorites!
Now go enjoy your day, and fill up a basket or two!




**psst! ever+mi crush (the gorgeous top on the bottom left) is having a Semi Annual Mega Sale, which can make you feel a little less guilty when filling up that basket! (wink,wink!)**

spring wish list

in the early, dark hours of this wednesday morning…
i woke up with a start and could not stop shivering and coughing. i was just miserable.
come to find out, i had a fever and chills.

you know what that means?
it means my dear husband gave me what he brought back from europe.
and you know how i know this?
because i caught him USING my toothbrush yesterday!

but, i’ve got to hand it to him. he took care of me last night and wrote me a really sweet message on the mirror of the vanity where i get ready this morning.
{a lucky lady, i am}
so i put on my big girl panties and decided to tough it out, and go in to work.

that being said. you will be without an outfit post today, as i thought standing around on this chilly morning wouldn’t really help out the ol’ fever situation.
that’s okay, though. it gave me a good reason to put together a little spring wishlist that i’ve been meaning to do a post on.

with the sun peeking through the clouds more and more, and with the days warming up little by little, my eyes, heart and online shopping fingers have been drawn to all of the lovely spring clothing that is floating around out there right now!

i put together a few items from some of my favorite places.
just to get you in the “spring” mood too.

{ps. the links to these little gems are under the photo!}


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valentines day wish list

with my first purchase of valentine conversation heart candies {yum!} last night, and the red pink and purple adorning the aisles of target, my mind started to run with an idea.

why not post a valentines day wish list? sure, it’s a month away. but it’s always fun to get your ideas out there. so, i’ve put together a list of “this and thats” from my online shopping i do from time to time. (okay, or almost every night. but don’t worry, i don’t purchase something every time) i really could have added about 13 more items to this list, but i didn’t want you to have to keep scrolling and scrolling and scrolling. so i just compiled a few of my “favorites” that i’ve been swooning over recently. (i love that everything is a little spring-ish right now!)

so i have made it short and sweet. happy {one month away} valentines wish list day!

(oh. and ps. the links to the items are listed below by number in case you are needing something to spruce up your valentines day! happy shopping!)

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