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Green Thumbs Up

 This morning, I went on a beautiful run around the neighborhood. I don’t know what takes me so long to get out of bed and allow my shoes to hit the pavement. Because once I’m out there on a long run, I feel so good! It wakes up my body and gets my adrenaline going. Not to mention, our little Texas neighborhood is in full bloom! First it was the daffodils, then the tulips, and now Iris. It’s just so beautiful.

As I was running, I also had the thought that I want to share more about my personal life. I’m not all clothes and outfit posts, you know. The more that time goes on, the more I want to share!

The past few weekends, Chad and I have been working out in the yard, trying to get it to at least look presentable. We had to wait until the house was painted to start anything, and lately we’ve been kicking it into high gear as far as gardening goes.  The little old lady who lived in our home before us was apparently a wonderful gardener with the greenest thumb on the block. Unfortunately, after she passed away, the house was vacant for three years and her yard became unruly and overgrown. By the time we moved in, we had no idea what was what.
With Spring sneaking up on us, it has been interesting to see what has bloomed.
We have had daffodils, summer snowdrops, wild onions, garlic, mint, iris, wild violets, honeysuckle, crossvine and oxalis. (Just to name a few!)

We have a big, beautiful fig tree right outside our bedroom window (and pomegranate too!) that we have had to trim back so that they wouldn’t take up the whole backyard!  We painstakingly tore out weeds, painted the fence white and leveled out the ground. We still have SO much to do. We have big plans for a patio and raised beds…but time goes by so fast!
All in good time, I suppose.

Our latest, biggest project was tearing out the bushes that lined our front porch. A few were dead when we moved in, and to me, they looked like the ones you might find in front of a scary old maids house. So, we got down and dirty and tore those out. We talked a lot about what we wanted to replace them with, and did quite a bit of research.
We measured how large we wanted the bed to be, and then Chad got to work tilling up the dirt.  I let him do most of that, because it was pretty hard work.
In the mean time, I gave our porch swing a fresh coat of white paint.
After Chad finished tilling the dirt, we added top soil and all of the goodies that make plants grow big and strong.  We chose Japanese orange blossom bushes (they smell delicious!) to line the porch and then snuck in a few azaleas as well.

We have plans to plant a few more flowers, but for now, we are pretty happy with the result.

We also spruced up our porch with a few knick knacks, two hanging bougainvilleas and the prettiest little potted lemon tree. (Whose blossoms smells like a delicious Florida orange orchard)

Every time we do something new, I feel a little ounce of pride well up in my heart. I like to look around and take in that memory.  Knowing it is our first house. Knowing most of the work, we have done ourselves. Knowing that our first little one will come home to our little bungalow.
There is something about owning a home that just makes me feel so…grown up, I suppose.
Last night, I was sitting inside and heard a husband and wife walk by as they walked their dogs down our street. I watched as the wife looked up and exclaimed “Oh my gosh! Look, it’s that old house! They have done such an amazing job with it! It doesn’t even look like the same home!”
My heart exploded.
It might seem silly, but our little house is just that. Our little house.
Our first home.
So many memories are already wrapped up in our little 1916 bungalow and I love that we will be adding onto them!



after home







The Christmas Dress

When I was a little girl, my mom would always pick out a Christmas Eve dress for me to wear.  For several years, she actually made my Christmas dresses. Looking back, those always turned out to be pretty interesting with their rather large early nineties peter pan collars, tacky plastic buttons, and sparkly reindeer tights.
{Not slighting my mother’s sewing skills, though. She is amazing!}

These days, choosing what to wear is a little more exciting. This Lulu*s dress made for a perfect Christmas Eve outfit. I actually forgot my black opaque tights, so I threw on the only thing I had. And I’m glad I did, because I actually loved the fun little touch these polka dot tights gave the dress.

We were in Austin at Chad’s parents this year, so I wanted to take these photos in front of the cabin {on their property} where we were engaged Christmas morning two years ago. Their log cabin home is so magical at Christmas and it brings about wonderful memories and cozy feelings. I love that I get to spend Christmas with both of my families. It really is such a wonderful time of the year.
As Christmas came and went, I honestly felt the best gift was getting to see everyone and spend time with the ones I love. It doesn’t happen often enough.


Dress: c/o Lulu*s
Tights: Forever 21
Heels: c/o Lulu*s
Necklace: c/o Savoir-Faire





Oh the weather outside is frightful!

Well folks, we woke up to an ice storm this morning, and although it’s beautiful outside? That white stuff is all ice & barely any snow.
It’s quite cold, and lots of people are without power.
{Thankfully not us! It would be so cold in this drafty, old home!}

We are mourning the loss of a 150 year old gigantic oak tree that stood in our neighbors yard.  Almost half of it fell over last night into the street.  They are currently hauling it away piece by piece as I type this.  It was one of the things that made our street so beautiful! That big old tree had been there since the 1800′s.
But, it is what it is! Nature does it’s thing!

I must admit, it’s nice to have the day off work and enjoy the snowy scene outside our window! Right now, the neighborhood is gathering in front of our home to watch the tree chaos, the smell of cinnamon rolls is coming from the kitchen, the Christmas tree lights are glowing bright, and we have a Christmas movie on in the background.

I’d say it makes for a cozy winter day.

So glad I took these photos yesterday before the arctic weather moved in!
Enjoy your weekend, wherever you are!
Stay warm and safe fellow Texans and Arkansans!

Skinnies: Gap
Top: c/o Savoir-Faire
Jacket: Forever 21
Heels: Forever 21
Bag: c/o Lulu*s
Necklace: c/o Savoir-Faire

A Date With Minnetonka

Good Morning, y’all!

I am really excited to be sharing a fun Minnetonka collaboration with you today that I have been so excited about!! Head over to the Minnetonka blog to check out the guest post!! I had so much fun making this video, and am looking forward to a little Holiday collab with Minnetonka and a few other wonderful bloggers in a few weeks!
Isn’t this time of the year just the best?

Hope you enjoy the video!
It’s a favorite, because Chad makes a little cameo too!

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a wonderful Minnetonka giveaway!
Just in time for the Holidays, y’all!

A Date With Minnetonka from Signeroo on Vimeo.