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Riffraff Love

Oh my goodness, this week has been a whirlwind!
Chad is leaving today for Europe, and it always feels like a rush to get everything together before he leaves on a trip. I know this sounds silly, but he does so many things at home that I don’t know about and I guess I realize it more and more when he leaves.
For instance. I thought to myself this morning, “where did Chad put the extra toilet paper?” Priorities, people. These are things I need to know.

I also inquired as to where all of his tools are. I am going to take it upon myself to finish up some big projects while he is away. (which is a little scary, I must admit)
It’s funny. When you are married, you realize how much you depend on the other person for the little things. I love that, but I also hate it. You know what I mean?
I used to have to do everything for myself, and I suppose I found a lot of pride in that.
Don’t get me wrong. So thankful for Chad and all that he does for me.
But I think it’s fun to also be alone sometimes. Back to my independent days.
On that note, however, I will definitely be missing him a lot.
Being apart for that long is no fun. Especially with a tiny, peeing everywhere puppy to take care of.  Plus, let’s be honest. He’s my adventure partner and I’d love to be exploring the Celctic lands with him. Until next time, I suppose!

On a positive note, can we talk about this jumper for a second?
Riffraff always knows how to make a girl smile.
This is definitely a “Signe” outfit.
Is there such a thing? Well, there is now.


Romper: c/o Riffraff
Wedges: c/o Riffraff

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Riffraff5 Riffraff2

Sweater Weather

What is better than sweater sleeves on a jacket?
When I saw this on Riffraff, I knew it had to be mine.
It came in the mail yesterday, and I purposely left it out on my chair to be worn this morning, as Chad and I are traveling to Austin tonight to go to his ten year High School reunion. We start the night out at a High School football game, and to me, this sweater just screams crisp, fall, southern football nights!!
{I miss those!}
So, we are headed there this evening and will finish up the trip tomorrow morning with a stop at Round Rock Donuts {scrumptious} and a quick trip to a few Austin flea markets!

I have been so exhausted this week {obviously I’ve been MIA from the blogosphere}.  We have been painting, caulking, nailing, hammering, ripping down walls, and just overall DIYing our butts off around here.  We have to move in November 1st, and we are definitely down to “crunch time”.  But we are getting there! Excited to share the progress with y’all next week on the blog!

Until then, I’m off to Chad’s Alma Mater!
{I tried to talk him into wearing his basketball jersey and prom king crown, but he wouldn’t budge}

Skinnies: Gap {old}
Wedges: Forever 21
Jacket: c/o Riffraff
Gingham Button Up: Forever 21








today is the day!

The day has come.
We are closing on our house this afternoon!
It has been four months of excitement, tears, rage, frustration, stress and joy.
All of those emotions bottled up and shaken around, just ready to explode.

Here’s the ironic part.
My brother and sister (chad’s brother and wife) have been trying to buy a home in Brooklyn, NY. They have been in “the process” for much longer than four months.
And they just found out they are closing today, too!
God just wanted one big Hugghins family celebration.

We will be doing a little celebrating this weekend and I’m really looking forward to it!
Tonight is our little towns “Oktoberfest” celebration, and you KNOW we are hopping on that bandwagon.  Beer and pretzels the size of my head?
I’m there.

Tomorrow morning we are running the “Walk To End Alzheimer’s”.  Chad and I participated last year, and raised over $1000.00.  This year, Gertie will be joining us, too. We have both had loved ones in our families that have passed away or are still living with Alzheimer’s and we want to see a cure in our lifetime!
Plus, there is a enormous pancake breakfast afterwards. So, that’s a plus. Right?

Most of our weekend will be spent tearing down ancient wallpaper in the new house. I can’t wait to get that off the walls. It’s really going to open up the space, and feel more like ours.  Starting with a blank slate is so much fun for the creativity process. It’s going to be a big project, but we are super excited about starting.
Like I said, it’s been such a struggle to get to this day. To finally close on this home!
But my friend from high school, Kelsey, really put this whole process into perspective for me.  She said she felt the stress as well in the home buying process, but during that time, she really resonated with the verse in Psalms “The Earth is The Lords and everything in it.” That even though this house is “ours”? It’s really not “ours”.  That brought so much clarity and peace to me after I read it.  Encouraged by that humbling reminder.

So cheers to Friday! And cheers to closing on this gosh darn home!
And cheers to beer, pretzels, ugly wallpaper, and a pancake breakfast!

shoes: forever 21 (I know, right!?)
top: forever 21
clutch: forever 21
jeans: gap

{fall}ing in love again

Can you feel it, fellow Texans?
Sure, the humidity is still ruining our hair, but I feel a little bit of Fall blowing in.
Last night after dinner, we were sitting on the couch catching up on our favorite shows, and it started thundering and lightening like crazy. And then the rain came down in buckets. And I looked at Chad and said, “let’s turn this off, and go enjoy this on the porch.”
It felt like a little bubble of a dream to sit on the porch and watch the rain fall and the lightening strike. We rocked in the rocking chairs and watched Gertie try to figure out where the huge booming noises were coming from.
And then I made Chad play my favorite songs on the guitar.
And all was well in the world.

And the beautiful thing is that the rain lasted all the way through the night. (our grass is rejoicing) And this morning, although slightly humid, I wore a long sleeve shirt.

Granted, I’m still bearing the legs. It’s not that cool yet. But I can feel it.
Hot Chai tea, pumpkins lining porches and fall leaves are right around the corner.
I’m falling in love with fall yet again.
Happens every year.


 skirt: c/o Lulu*s
heels: c/o Windsor
top: Forever 21
clutch: Forever 21