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a case of the mondays & the {blowfish shoes giveaway} winner!

it is so hard to come back to work after a long weekend.
you feel me?
getting out of bed is torture.
a shower seems like the equivalent of a full on marathon.
makeup is done without a mirror.
and the hours tick by like years.

long weekends are wonderful.
why can’t they last forever!?

I had the privilege of attending the Texas Style Council Conference this past weekend in Austin.  I attended a fun dinner party for Minnetonka and left with an amazing new pair of limited edition plum colored moccasins.  You must go check out their new arrivals for fall . drooling. they have an awesome men’s collection too, ladies!
on top of that, I got to meet some wonderful ladies that I knew only through the internet.
that was a treat.
they were just as sweet and fun in real life.

To be honest, it took me a while when I got home to gather my thoughts on what I learned about blogging, what it really means to me, and myself…among other things…and when I get those thoughts wrangled into one clear post, I will write about it.

Anyway, it was a good time, and I met some great people.
And not to mention, on Sunday, Chad and I skipped “class” and went kayaking on Town Lake, ate some delicious organic ice cream, and visited some trendy Austin spots.
I must say it is always hard to leave that place.

I wanted to announce the giveaway of the {winners choice} Blowfish Giveaway!
The winner is Anna Marcum!
I will email you with all the details, congratulations!

And before I go, I want to share this favorite picture of mine from the weekend.
Chad snapped it of me, and {not only am I head over heels in love this dress}, I love that he snapped me in such an Austin element.

Take me back!

Hope y’all enjoyed your weekend and that your Monday goes by a little quicker than mine!

bon voyage! {and a Blowfish Shoes giveaway winner!}

when y’all read this, i will be in london, dreaming of the warm texas weather.
i’m kidding, i’m kidding.
i wish i could say that i’m a cheery person when it’s cold and rainy {even if i’m oohing and aahing over ancient roman cities or london fish and chips} but…i’m not!
i can’t believe chad and i are finally embarking on this grandiose adventure.
as i sit here in the hotel room awaiting tomorrows departure overseas, i’m kicking myself over forgetting to upload ALL of the outfit photos i took to post while i am away.

shaking my head. 

oh well. i have a few fun guest bloggers {including one fun giveaway!}, maybe an outfit post or two up my sleeve, and a very exciting memorial day surprise.

now onto the blowfish shoes giveaway winner from last week! congratulations holly! i will email you for more details!!

okay, folks. stay tuned.
i promise fun things will be happening around here while i’m gone.
i will note that i have been slow to answer emails, and will be even slower over the next few weeks as we will have spotty internet service. but i will get around to them, i promise!

and really, i just want to enjoy a european vacation with my ginger love.

bon voyage!


dress: target
wedges: c/o lulu*s
cuff: forever 21

an outdoor adventure

another beautiful day here in texas.
another summery dress.

we just had one of those morning ”sunshine rains”.
i love those.
it’s as though the clouds get confused and accidentally spill the rain from the sky.
and the sun just keeps on shining.
and then it’s over in a matter of minutes.

makes days like this really hard to stay inside and work.

i want to go outside and explore! or read a book in a hammock and fall asleep with the sun warming my face. or canoe a lazy, winding river.
there isn’t a lure greater to me than the lure of nature.
it’s such a peaceful place.
god’s beauty is everywhere, and everything just feels momentarily….simple.

but i will just continue to longingly peer over my shoulder out the window at this gloriously sunny day. and be happy that i get an hour at lunch to tan these leggies of mine.
if you’re reading this from somewhere chilly, you should hop on a plane for a visit.
texas springs are heaven sent.

dress: forever 21
bag: c/o savoir faire
shoes: c/o lulus

a hill country getaway

chad received a phone call friday afternoon for a last minute audition in austin.
so instead of being bummed about our weekend plans being ruined, we packed up our bags and made a mini road trip out of it.
{remind me, when i talk about babies, that mini road trips will be a thing of the past.}please. and thank you.

so we spent saturday afternoon in the heart of austin.
we strolled through soco holding hands, laughing, and popping in and out of thrift stores and antique shops. we enjoyed some quality people watching. which, in austin, is quite entertaining. we grabbed lunch at one of the food trucks, and ate our goodies to the sounds of wild, shirtless {and surely unbathed} men singing from atop their cars.
{swoon city. seriously, why is austin so cool and dallas so lame?!}

oh, austin. you quirky thing you. you have stolen my heart, yet again.

one of the greatest parts about the hill country?
chads parents live there.
we left the city and drove out to the ranch where we enjoyed a long walk.
{i love exploring there. where else do you have beauitful oak trees and cacti in the same spot? deep in the heart of hill country. thats where}
afterwards, the men sat down to enjoy a cigar.
followed by dinner. conversation. and a good nights sleep.
and then it was back to dallas. back to the real world.

until next time, austin.


and just a little fun fact.
after chad and i met, we went on a week long first date!
{i know. sounds crazy. but he lived in LA and we had to get creative}
so on that “first date”, we sat on this red tree swing at his parents house, and he told me that while he enjoyed my company, he just couldn’t imagine dating someone who lived so far away.

{thats the sound of my heart breaking}

i put on a “oh yeah. totally” face. and agreed. sadly, but understandingly.
but by the end of that week long date, as we sat on the lakehouse dock staring at the stars, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

and that cabin down below? that cabin is about 100 yards from that little red tree swing. and just so happens to be the place that he proposed to me less than 8 months later.

i just love that story. and also reminding him of how quickly he ate those words he said to me on that little red swing. and how quickly we fell in love.

{great memories were made there}