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Postpartum Styling

Oh, how good it feels to be blogging again!
Truly, I did not think I would miss it, as when I slowed down when I became pregnant? I was so incredibly burnt out. I was tired of waking up to take pictures every single day.  So in the last few weeks when I felt the itch to start blogging again, I really surprised myself.

Now, along with that desire? There is also a little bit of dread.
I’m slowly easing back into cute clothing. Postpartum body is real, y’all. Very, very real.
As soon as I got the green light, I was out the door to start exercising. Every day that goes by, I feel better than the previous. However, that roll that wasn’t there before or just the way things fit in general makes getting dressed a little trickier.

For now, I am wearing things that I feel comfortable in and that also hide my trouble spots. I still have a bit of a postpartum belly (To be honest, this is something I’m not used to and the thing I want to get rid of the most) which was made worse because of my c-section and all of the post surgical swelling.  Just trying to keep it real, y’all.

All of that being said, I thought it would be fun to start blogging now, even though I’m still not super comfortable with my post baby body.  I know every woman who is a new mom (well, almost every woman) has these same feelings when getting dressed and I thought it would be fun to share the outfits I choose to hide what I’ve got going on underneath.

I would like to point out that as uncomfortable as I may feel right now, I’m truly thankful for my “jelly belly” as it also came with my little Birk. I couldn’t be more thrilled to be a mom. There is a season for everything and I want to be as transparent as possible.  So you might see a little mom belly here and there..but there is no shame in the mom body game.

Now, moving on to the clothes.
This kimono from Vinnie Louise is just everything. I love that it is the perfect transition piece from Summer to Fall and can be layered in so many different ways. Not to mention, the fabric is super soft and the colors are so yummy! I will definitely be wearing this way too many times in the next few months!

I hope you will follow along as I begin my journey into motherhood. There will be many clothing posts, Birk posts and some “life in general” posts. It’s fun to be back!


Kimono: c/o Vinnie Louise
Dress: c/o Riffraff
Shoes: Seychelles (c/o Maude)
Necklace: Savoir Faire










Birkelo Pruett

birk pruett

We welcomed our Birkelo “Birk” Pruett into our lives on July 22nd, 2015 at 8:05AM. He weighed in at 8 Ibs 9 oz., and was 21 1/4 inches long. It truly was love at first sight.

The pregnancy was a long and hard one, to be honest. We found out early on that I had something called polyhydramnios. This basically meant that I had an increased amount of amniotic fluid. And if you are trying to stay svelte and beautiful whilst pregnant? Polyhydramnios is not really something you want to have.  Near the end, I was so swollen I hardly recognized myself! That being said, I made the mistake of going home and googling polyhydramnios and found out that sometimes it is caused by a congenital birth defect. We did not do genetic testing, because we knew we would love our baby either way.  So at that point, we were left to wait until he was born to know for sure that there was nothing wrong with our baby boy. Around 34 weeks, I found out at one of my appointments that I had started to dilate. We were rushed to the hospital for monitoring, and it turns out I was having contractions every few minutes.  I was quickly given a steroid shot to promote lung growth, and at the same time,  I was also given a drug to stop my contractions. (If you’d like to know the most painful thing I have felt (truly!) it was that shot!) Unfortunately, that round did not work, so they gave me another shot in the other arm. Again, it did nothing to slow down my contractions.  At the end of the day, I did not dilate any further and they sent me home.  Our Birk was covered in prayer, and we were fortunate to carry him to term after that scare!  We did, however, have weekly monitoring and ultrasounds to make sure he was swallowing and moving properly.

Because of my polyhydramnios and because Birk was such a big baby, (they thought he was going to be 10 Ibs!) I was scheduled for a c-section.  The night before he was born, Chad and I each wrote a letter for him to open some day. Perhaps when he leaves the nest…perhaps on a special day.  We wanted him to know exactly what we were feeling before we ever even met him.  We each read each others letters aloud, and could barely get through them without crying. We snuggled and talked through the night. Nervous and excited about our early morning trip to the hospital.  We knew our lives were about to change overnight.

On July 22nd, we woke up in the wee hours of the morning. Since the c-section was scheduled, we had time to pack our bags and get ready the night before.  I was able to curl my hair and put on a little makeup, while Chad paced the house and prepared the rest of our “hospital necessities”.  The car ride was filled with unspoken anticipation.  It wasn’t until we were in the hospital and I was hooked up to the monitors that I started to get nervous.  I remember I just kept repeating “gosh, I’m just getting really nervous”.  Chad and I didn’t talk much, because we were both so anxious.  We just looked at each other in amazement. Sometimes we giggled. Other times we said how excited and scared we were.  I began to feel very uncomfortable, and it turned out I was having pretty strong contractions! He might have come that day after all! An hour or so later, one of my very best friends, Cassie showed up.  She was there to capture our special day on film, and she did such an incredible job in doing so.  Not only did she do a wonderful job taking photos, she also relieved so much of my anxiety!  We laughed and laughed as her tiny body (minus her adorable baby bump) was suited up into her over sized scrubs. Between the three of us, we told jokes and laughed and the time flew by as my nerves slowly melted away.

A little while after Cassie arrived, she and Chad put on their scrubs, and we all headed down the hall to the room where the surgery would take place.  They had Cassie and Chad wait in another room while they gave me the spinal shot.  For any of you soon to be c-section moms, that really was a breeze, I promise.  I read on many blogs that the drug made women incredibly nauseous, so I was super thankful that feeling never kicked in.  They laid me down on the table and that’s when the hard part started. I quickly felt my legs fall asleep and then the drugs began to work their way up towards my diaphragm.  I am a tad bit claustrophobic, and so the feeling definitely put me on edge.  Chad was not in the room yet, and my nerves really kicked in.  The nurses and Dr. were just chatting away and I remember just shouting out, “hey, I’m starting to feel pretty weird here. I might have a panic attack!”  They did their best to soothe me, and I did my best to soothe myself. I looked up at the bright lights and slowly breathed in and out.  My body just told me to pray, and pray I did.  With each slow breath, I prayed for peace and for my body to calm itself. I prayed that God would keep me safe and keep our baby boy safe as he was delivered. Moments later, Chad and Cassie were in the room and I felt Chad in my ear whispering that he was there and that he was proud of me.  He was nervous, I could hear it in his voice.  He said the silliest things in those few moments as they prepped me for surgery. I won’t repeat them because I don’t want to embarrass him, but we laughed so hard about it afterwards.  I felt some tugging and pulling and pressure, and the minutes felt like hours to me.  It felt as though the room was silent (trust me, it wasn’t) and I know i asked “is everything okay?” about ten times. Chad kept reassuring me everything was fine, and I finally heard “Dad, do you want to look over the curtain now? Here he comes!” and then I heard Chad tell me with a shaky voice that our boy was here.  He said he was definitely big and that he had dark brown hair.  (Which was a huge surprise! We were sure he would come out with blonde or strawberry blonde hair)!  The moment I heard Birk cry and saw him for the first time as he was lifted over the curtain, I felt myself blow out a huge breath of air. Chad went over to where they weighed and measured him. He was crying so hard and wiggling about.  Chad leaned over and grabbed both of his tiny hands, and Birk immediately stopped crying as he heard his dad’s voice for the first time outside of the womb.  That memory brings tears to my eyes. When they laid Birk on my chest for the first time moments to skin…my heart nearly exploded. I felt an immediate connection to him (which truly surprised me) and I just wanted to stare at his beautiful face for hours.  No one existed but him and I for those few moments. I examined every inch of his face and opened his tiny fist to reveal even tinier fingers.  It shocked me, how tiny his fingers were.  I  couldn’t believe he was mine.  That he was ours. And then there was Chad.  It was then the three of us, and we were a family.  They rolled us into a recovery room where I could nurse Birk and relax before our families came in to meet him.  We loved on Birk. We both enjoyed skin to skin time. We stared at him, we kissed his little body and we just spent time as three.

I remember how proud Chad and I felt to introduce him to our parents.  How thankful we were that he came out healthy and beautiful.  Pink, chunky skin and beautiful brown hair. The next few days in the hospital went by in a blur, and I honestly enjoyed every minute.  I barely slept a wink, as Birk was nursing every hour or few hours those first few days. I didn’t mind one bit. I loved those middle of the night hours when it was just he and I awake.  Chad sleeping on the cot next to us.  The TV blaring nonsensically in the background.  I had tunnel vision only for Birk.  We snuggled and I told him about how great of a gift he was to our little family and how much his parents loved him.  Sure, there were ups and downs. First time scares and jitters.  But nothing compares to knowing God knit that tiny baby in my womb and that he was here and healthy. That he was our little boy to raise together.

In the next few weeks/month, we ran into a few medical scares with Birk and we are still walking through those waters.  Fear and anxiety is a very real thing as a parent, but we are thankful for friends, family and a community of people who cover our baby boy in prayer.  We know he is well taken care of and that God loves him more than we do.  We rest in that!  I wake up every day thankful he is here and that I get to spend the day tired, frustrated, exhausted, joyful, scared, overwhelmed and just plain happy that he is our baby boy and that we get to care for him. He is worth the sleepless nights and long (but oh so short!) days.

Birk Pruett, we love you so much.  Our little warrior!

There is a wonderful story behind his name that I would love to share with you soon!
I apologize for the multitude of photos, but how do you choose just a few?  Cassie did a wonderful job documenting our day!

chad and I waiting for the delivery

This ring was given to Chad’s grandmother, “mama hugg” by his grandfather, “papa hugg” on the day she gave birth to Chad’s dad.  I wore it on my wedding day, and also on the day of Birk’s birth.  I love keeping their memories alive, and I cherish the special meaning behind it.


Bougenvilla Stripes

The weather in LA last week was just short of perfection.
A little on the hot side, but otherwise? Just lovely.
Sunday morning, Chad promised to take me to one of my favorite cafes for brunch. He took me there on a breakfast date a few years ago, when I first went to visit him in LA.
Not only does it have delicious food, it is set back in a little garden jungle oasis.
Outdoor seating + pancakes? Makes for a happy girl.

I wore this lovely dress to brunch and then on our long trek home later that day. It is quite honestly the most comfortable maxi dress I have ever owned. I sized up so I could wear it into the Spring with this growing bump! It’s a little big on me now, but it is so cozy and I received so many compliments on it all day long!  Whether or not you’re pregnant, this is a maxi dream!


Dress: Savoir Faire
Sunglasses: c/o Lulu*s (similar)




Lulu*s Great Galentines Giveaway: Free Dresses For A Year!

I am so excited to share with you, a little collaboration I have been working on over the past few weeks.  Lulu*s reached out to me and asked me to be a part of their “Galentines” collaboration. I was eager to say yes, as it involved picking a fellow blogger (who happens to be one of my best friends) and joining them on a Valentines date wearing some fun, frilly dresses.

I chose my adorably sweet and adorably cute friend, Cassie of Cassie Loree Photography. Not only does she share my love for clothing, she also shares a creative, artsy passion. We tend to love the details and the love that goes into making something special. We clicked the minute we met, and I’ll never, ever look back. I love that girl so much, I asked her to be my Galentine.

Here’s where the fun part for YOU comes in. With Valentines Day just around the corner, it’s a perfect time to get in the giving mood.  And Lulu*s is doing just that!
Forget the flowers, treat yourself to fab frocks for Valentine’s day! Lulu*s is giving away an entire year of free dresses to one lucky gal (and her best pal) for all of 2015!!

All you have to do is subscribe to their email newsletter by entering your email address below! You’ll get a coupon code for immediate shopping upon entry and kept up to date on all the latest looks and chic styles! Want an additional entry? Refer a friend!

Entry Link:

( Winner will be announced at on 2/14/15 )

So good luck all you lovely people, and Happy early Valentines Day!
I hope you enjoy this fun little video and photos of Cassie and my Galentines Day date!

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Dress: c/o Lulu*s
Shoes: c/o Lulu*s
Trench: c/o Lulu*s

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Now hop on over to Cassie’s blog for all of her outfit details and some gorgeous pictures!