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oh, colette.

y’all, i want to introduce you to the “colette” headband.
the lovely kim, from oh sweet joy, has been working hard on these ladies for months, and has finally launched her new line today!
i am so excited and honored to introduce y’all to my own personal collete headband!
it is seriously the perfect spring accesory.
not to mention it comes in all sorts of delicious colors.
so head on over to kims shop, and check them out!
oh, and pssst…signeroo readers get 10% off using the code SIGNEROO
until march 1st!

i went a little retro with my headband, but there are so many ways to wear it!
hop on over to kims blog. she did a wonderful job styling the colette!
{and seriously. how cute is that mama-to-be?!}

and finally, my sincere apologies for looking like a mime today.
i really do. it’s okay.
i don’t know what it is about this outfit…but i’m just feeling mime-ish.
it was just too darn cold outside, and i was just not going out there to take pictures.

{okay. and last but not least!! scroll to the bottom of the post for the winner of the riffraff giveaway! congrats!}

polka dot colette headband: c/o oh sweet joy
floral skinnies: forever 21
lace top: forever 21
wedges: forever 21
vintage sapphire ring: gifted to me {and my “something blue” for my wedding day!} from chads grandmother. seriously one of my favorites.

{congrats to natasha on winning the riffraff necklace giveaway! natasha, email me at for the details!!}

geometric clutch

there comes a moment in every woman’s life, when that pesky alarm clock goes off.
a decision needs to be made.
does she snooze it? why, of course she does.

well, folks.
thats exactly what happened to me this morning.
so do you know what that means?

top knot and skinny jeans.

i’d also like to mention that it was 38 degrees outside this morning.
every other picture was chattering teeth and curse words.
sorry, its true.

but, hey! on a positive note!
be sure to check back tomorrow for the riffraff giveaway! so excited about all of the responses and so looking forward to announcing the winner!
giving away fun jewelry makes for a fun little hump day.

skinnies: target
oxfords: target
chambray: gap {similar}
watch: michael kors
clutch: c/o brianne faye
nail polish: essie “bikini so tiny”

how amazing is this geometric clutch c/o of brianne faye? she is a detroit based designer, and i swoonded over all of her incredible pieces. she is quoted as designing “wearable art”…and i totally agree. i just love her pieces!

a hill country getaway

chad received a phone call friday afternoon for a last minute audition in austin.
so instead of being bummed about our weekend plans being ruined, we packed up our bags and made a mini road trip out of it.
{remind me, when i talk about babies, that mini road trips will be a thing of the past.}please. and thank you.

so we spent saturday afternoon in the heart of austin.
we strolled through soco holding hands, laughing, and popping in and out of thrift stores and antique shops. we enjoyed some quality people watching. which, in austin, is quite entertaining. we grabbed lunch at one of the food trucks, and ate our goodies to the sounds of wild, shirtless {and surely unbathed} men singing from atop their cars.
{swoon city. seriously, why is austin so cool and dallas so lame?!}

oh, austin. you quirky thing you. you have stolen my heart, yet again.

one of the greatest parts about the hill country?
chads parents live there.
we left the city and drove out to the ranch where we enjoyed a long walk.
{i love exploring there. where else do you have beauitful oak trees and cacti in the same spot? deep in the heart of hill country. thats where}
afterwards, the men sat down to enjoy a cigar.
followed by dinner. conversation. and a good nights sleep.
and then it was back to dallas. back to the real world.

until next time, austin.


and just a little fun fact.
after chad and i met, we went on a week long first date!
{i know. sounds crazy. but he lived in LA and we had to get creative}
so on that “first date”, we sat on this red tree swing at his parents house, and he told me that while he enjoyed my company, he just couldn’t imagine dating someone who lived so far away.

{thats the sound of my heart breaking}

i put on a “oh yeah. totally” face. and agreed. sadly, but understandingly.
but by the end of that week long date, as we sat on the lakehouse dock staring at the stars, he asked me to be his girlfriend.

and that cabin down below? that cabin is about 100 yards from that little red tree swing. and just so happens to be the place that he proposed to me less than 8 months later.

i just love that story. and also reminding him of how quickly he ate those words he said to me on that little red swing. and how quickly we fell in love.

{great memories were made there}


{closed}*a little riffraff giveaway*

hooray! it’s friday! and i have a few fun things to share with y’all today that i’m really excited about!
{hint. hint. there may or many not be a giveaway. so keep on reading!}

first, i am feeling much, much better.
thanks for all the sweet words!

secondly, i want to introduce y’all to “Riffraff”, one of my fabulous sponsors!

how fun is this photo?! the pretty lady in the middle is the owner of riffraff and a dear friend from college. her clothes, accessories and shoes are always so incredibly cute, and even better, affordable! so, now that i have gone on and on about it, you know you have to click this link {right here! <– that one!} and head on over to do a little spring shopping.
i promise you won’t be dissapointed!

{oh. and. pssst. signeroo readers get a 20% discount by using the code: signeroo at checkout! now you have to go take a peek!}

so, with all that being said.
i am doing a little giveaway c/o riffraff today!

i was really hoping it would be warm as i have so many spring(ish) dresses that i want to wear this amazing necklace with. but unfortunately, we have had quite the cold front move in! but it worked out, as this necklace really spruced up my outfit with a bit of color!
and by entering, one lucky reader will get this amazing necklace too!
so here is the deal.
to enter the giveaway:
go like riffraff on facebook {} and comment below with your favorite item in their store.

additional entries:
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{please leave an additional comment below for bonus entries}
entries will be accepted until tuesday, february 26th! the winner will be announced on the 27th.
good luck!

 pants: target
wedges: forever 21
necklace: c/o riffraff
sweater: shopruche