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when walking this road called life, we are met with choices.

for instance. should i wear nude or mustard pants this morning? is it smart to wear pants that look similar to my leg color from long distances, which results in looking like i am wearing no pants at all? if someone stares at me like i’m not wearing pants, should i yell out “i know it doesn’t look like it, but i’m wearing pants!” and yet, what if that person isn’t looking at me even though i thought they were…. and instead i just sound like a crazy person who may or may not be wearing pants.

i went with the mustard.

this way everyone knows i am indeed wearing pants.

and so another morning has come and gone. another choice was made. and my nude pants are folded away for a bold and better day.

sweater: forever 21

mustard skinnies: target

wedges: forever 21

necklace: anthropologie


tribal pants & milk maid braids.

milkmaid braids and tribal pants. these two things are deemed “fashion forward” around these parts. i must be some kind of crazy woman to wear such outrageous hairstyles and getups. and guess where i get to flaunt my trendy style?

work and wal mart. {snore}

someone conjure me up a magical subway that takes me all the way to the streets of new york. pretty please? where my tribal pants can be among friends. and where i can get lost in a sea of milk maid braids.

until then, i will keep on wearing bright colors, outrageously tall shoes, high waisted “are those mom pants?” pants, and just plain standing out like a sore thumb.

 tribal pants: riffraff or {bloom}

top: cotton on

wedges: forever 21

arrow necklace: anthropologie

turquoise ring: bloom

bag: target {similar}

infinite amount of thick hair: she get it from her mama

rainy day neutrals.

i woke up late. it’s rainy. it’s windy. my hair is in a top knot for the second day in a row. i was wearing something. then something else. and then another something.

and then this something is the something i walked out of the house in.

was that confusing enough for you?

well, all you need to know is that i changed my outfit too many times, i’m wearing neutral upon neutral upon neutral, and in the end i just threw my hands up in the air in defeat and ran out before i could take off a belt. add another brown color to my outfit, or fall down on the bed in angry fit while pathetically exclaiming “it’s too hard to be a girl!”

that’s right. i took the high road and am drowning my sorrows with a diet dr. pepper, while the rain falls outside my window and patty griffin croons softly in my ears.

so in todays outfit post, if my face looks like i am saying “it’s windy, about to rain, and i don’t want to be doing this right now”…well then, i would never make it as an actress in hollywood.

dress: nastygal {similar}

wedges: target

watch: michael kors

ring: david yurman

scarf: gap {similar}


from snow to sun.

yesterday i was walking around in the snow. today i’m rockin my bare wintery white legs.

you gotta love texas! she really never knows what season she is in. bless her heart.

oh my goodness, where do i even start? it’s always hard to get back into the real world after a fun vacation, but today has been especially busy! our ski trip to breckenridge with chad’s family was so fun, and so needed. there was way too much laughter, a few competitive game nights, warm fireplaces and hot cocoa, sister bonding time, and of course lots of skiing.

i have a few sore muscles, tired eyes, bruised shins, and a full heart.

{succesful family ski trip, i’d say}

okay, now to the good stuff. while i was away, so many fun things happened surrounding my blog! i have to admit, it was pretty exciting to be on vacation and not posting, and still see so many sweet comments and such. i woke up one morning to see that one of the cutest red heads around {laura from the joyful fox} wrote up a little post about me. she was way too sweet and made me blush with all of her compliments. but how sweet is she? so, thanks, laura! the feelings are definitely mutual pretty lady!

that’s not all! kate from o my heart left a sweet comment on a blog post. i have been crushing on her blog for a while now, so what a fun surprise! swoon!

okay, and last but not least. shopruche featured me on their blog again on friday. so honored and excited!!! especially to be featured among a few of my other favorite bloggers. so go hop on over and check that out. and do a little spring shopping while you’re at it. i have my eyes on this mint beauty. and you should too.

okay, thats enough of that. i just couldn’t help but be a little giddy with excitement.

i hope you had a wonderful weekend and enjoy the day wherever you are. if you are in texas, than i hope you were brave enough to show a little leg with me today. i’ll probably be back in my boots and turtleneck tomorrow.

{just kidding. wear your turtlenecks sparingly. but thats a lesson for another day}

happy monday! xoxo

oh hey there sticker on the bottom of my shoe. don’t mind that. or those beautiful green  trash cans i used as my backdrop. we didn’t get home until midnight, so we have a good excuse, okay?