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for auld lang syne, my dear.

happy new years eve!

chad and i have been brainstorming together to come up with a list of individual dreams, goals, and hopes for the new year. and also as a couple. being married for six months, you quickly realize that your prayers will include being a better wife (and husband, i’m sure). so this year will be a new perspective, as i have two to think about instead of one.

pretty exciting, if you ask me.

this past year has been such an amazing one. it was full of love, joy, and complete and utter happiness. it was a year of ups, downs and many stresses, of course. but overall, it was a year i will never forget.

 we were married july 7th, which leads to my absolute favorite moment of 2012. walking down the aisle and seeing this sweet face. (holding back the tears right now)

then there was this moment.

and this moment. (pretty much sums us up)

those fancy photos were taken by the wonderful dale and mere benfield, who quickly became our friends. if you have a wedding coming up, check them out. they are fantastic.


{benfield photography}

and what is another plus to getting married?! going on a honeymoon to hawaii.

 after our honeymoon, we moved into our little bungalow. the cutest early 1900s dream home a girl could want. we love it.

september brought my first birthday as a wife. he did not disappoint.

later in the month, we were invited to a pre emmy party for the “hatfields and mccoys” mini series that chad was in earlier in the year.  i was pretty over the moon because that meant

1) my husband is a talented stud

2) we got to travel to LA again

3) i had an excuse to wear a badgley mischka dress

4) we got to take pictures on the red carpet and then socialize among celebrities

5) i got to meet kevin costner. a life long celebrity crush. and then rub his shoulders quite awkwardly. but thats a story for another time.

so proud of my husband. he played a great harmon mccoy. AND the show was nominated for a few emmys, and now a few golden globes. pretty awesome. can you tell i’m proud?

october brought crisp cool weather, fun costumes, and trick or treaters. november brought many days of raking, thanksgiving at our home with the whole hugghins family, and christmas decorations. december brought a new puppy, christmas with my family at our bungalow, our first snow together, and cozy, happy memories.

i really could have added about a million other pictures and stories and important moments. but that would be annoying, i know. so i will stop here.

i really feel so blessed to have made such amazing memories with my best friend. so looking forward to ringing in this new year.

wishing you a sparkly, cozy, bubbly new years eve, wherever you may be!

pjs & pecan pie.

this is the second day in a row of sitting in our pjs until noon. what is wrong with that, you ask? absolutely nothing. its christmas break. the house is quiet. there is still snow on the ground. so pjs and movies it is.

i have also eaten a few bites of pecan pie for breakfast the past two mornings.

but thats besides the point.

we finally got dressed yesterday afternoon and ventured out into town to see another movie. chad is a movie fanatic, and usually i’m a little too restless after work to go see them. so with these lazy days passing us by, we have seen three movies now. (our matinees are only $3, so we don’t feel too bad) anyway, since we had a little afternoon date, i slowly rolled out of bed and made myself presentable. it wasn’t easy folks. this bathrobe almost made it into an outfit post this week. it should. because technically thats all i’ve been wearing.

but i don’t know if a picture of me in my robe floating around the internet would be great for future employment. so we will go with a regular ol’ outfit post.

now back to my pecan pie.

skinnies: forever 21

sweater: forever 21

scarf: masons

boots: target

vest: forever 21

ring: david yurman

walking in a winter wonderland.

christmas came and went like a whirlwind.

my family traveled here to texas this year to celebrate at our house. its so nice to have everyone under the same roof, even if for a short while.

we had an epic gingerbread house contest (thomas & keifer vs. chad & i) i’m going to go ahead and say my brothers won. theirs was just too dang good. things got pretty competitive on our candy run to target in which we bought our “supplies” for $15. chad and i went a little over and had to forfeit some of our goodies. in seperate rooms for at least two hours, we finished our creations. chad and i made a “gingership” out of licorice, floating atop a blue frosting ocean full of sweedish fish and a drowning gingerbread man. but thomas and keifer take the cake. they created a gingerbread home near the ocean with a dock, brown sugar for the sand, and even a parsley tree out back. it was pretty incredible. see below.

and then there was our gingership.

there was a lot of snacking, cookie decorating, laughing, playing, and celebrating. the boys were gifted some onesie pjs from chad, and it made for a pretty hilarious christmas morning.

after we opened too many presents (the family room was full of gifts!) my mom and i started on the christmas feast. as we were cooking, it began to snow. now, i had been praying and hoping and wishing and even doing a little snow dance for days…and lo and behold, the flakes started falling. snow in texas is a big deal, and i hadn’t seen any in a year or so. everyone kept saying, “oh it’ll stop in just a few minutes. it won’t last”. but, to our surprise, it snowed and it snowed and it snowed. i think we ended up with at least 3 or 4 inches when it was all said and done. what a christmas gift!! chad and i already think our neighborhood looks like a norman rockwell painting…but with the snow? it was straight out of a fairytale. seriously, our street was just beautiful.

 i love that last picture. (courtesy of my brother, thomas). might be my new favorite.

my family left early the next morning, so chad and i had ourselves a little “snow day” and went adventuring around the neighborhood.

having all of this time off work has been such a blessing. being with my family is always fun. when they leave, the house seems just a little too quiet. it always takes me a bit to get over the empty house feeling. especially because we are all spread out across the united states. so the time we get together is definitely cherished. this was a short, but sweet time. i love spending christmas morning with my parents and brothers. i love laughing, cuddling and joking with them. chad and i were lucky to have spent a few days with them, and we are even more lucky to have off work until next wednesday. we have already been to two movies, and are just being plain lazy. and it. is. awesome.

i hope everyone had a very happy holiday! now i’m off to get cozy with hubs and my puppy and cuddle up for a movie.

merry merry!

our christmas engagement.

a year ago tomorrow (on christmas morning), i woke up in a pitch black room to the sound of my (now husband) whispering from the doorway “good morning, merry christmas”.  in my confused state, i whispered back “merry christmas” wondering what time it was, and why he was in my room.  he tiptoed over to my bed and brushed the hair out of my face, telling me we were going to go on a walk.  i knew it was early, as the sun wasn’t quite up yet and no one was up and moving around inside the house. at this point, the nerves set in because i knew this special moment could only be one thing. i put on a sweater and a jacket, he wrapped me in a blanket, and we headed out the door of his parents house. they live in (what i call the log cabin) near austin, texas..and they have little tiny log cabins on their property that were built in the 1800’s. i could see one of them in the distance glowing bright, and my heart skipped a beat or two. i looked up at chad as we walked and held hands…..nervously asking questions. trying so desperately to soak in this special “once in a lifetime” moments. when we walked up to the door of the cabin, he opened it slowly, and i will never forget what i saw. in the glowing lights from the candles, i could see that he had tacked all of the love letters & notes that he had ever written me to the back of the cabin wall. there were two chairs, and a table that held a ring box with a gleaming ring inside (it was hard not to notice).  there were candles glowing everywhere. inside vintage glasses and jars….on the windowsills, the floor, the table..everywhere. i looked back at chad, and he was down on one knee. i covered my face in excitement, shock, pure joy, and nervousness.  the things he said in those moments are forever etched in my mind and heart. he placed the ring on my finger and i sat curled up in his lap as he read me a letter he had written me in st patricks cathedral on the back of a peanut bag after he had purchased my engagement ring in NYC earlier that month. we prayed together. we talked and laughed together. we cried. we hugged. we kissed.

and that christmas morning, one year ago, i became a fiance. a soon to be wife to a wonderful man. and reflecting on that this christmas eve morning, i could honestly not be happier. as i type this, i am curled up on my couch in our sweet little bungalow. two rings on my finger now. a sweet husband and a joy filled life together. i could not be happier with how god worked out his plan for us. the crazy story of how we met and fell in love so unexpectedly. hard and fast. head over heels.

i am a blessed woman. with an amazing husband. and a beautiful life.

i can’t wait to wake up tomorrow morning to spend our first christmas together as husband and wife.

merry christmas eve, everyone! i hope yours is as joyful as mine.