Monthly Archives: November 2012

helloooo, lover.

this morning was the kind of morning that makes all other mornings acceptable.

heres how it went down:

 i rolled out of bed with what i “thought” would be frizz ball hair. WRONG. this hair dried overnight into a curly jungle of amazingness. thank you, hair. then i had a few licks (or more) of cream cheese frosting for breakfast (i was frosting cupcakes, okay?!) then, when it came time to dress for the day, i only tried on a total of (1) outfits. (what?!) anddddd its friday. nothing beats that.

so i topped off my great morning with a festive shirt and a red lip. i’m just looking christmas straight in the face, and crooning “hello, lover!” thats what i imagine, anyway.

cream cheese frosting. festive shirts. friday night date night. christmas around the corner. someone try to rain on this parade. i dare you.

peplum shirt: forever 21

skinny jeans: urban outfitters

wedges: forever 21

watch: michael kors

and of course. i can’t forget the man behind the camera. the man who is taking me on a date tonight. the hot ginger i call my own. he’s casual. it’s friday. he’s sporting casual friday.

seeing spots.

i am all about the polka dots these days. i don’ t know why. i used to shy away from all things polka dotted. which begs the question. what is it about growing out of our hatred for things? now i find myself loving carrots, sweet potatoes, and polka dots.

what does this mean? i’m aging. 25 and i love all the things i used to hate.

whats next? gumming hot granola in the morning? give me at least 50 years, ol girl.

anyway, no matter the age, im going to always love fall colors and chunky sweaters. speaking of staying warm, the hubs and i are planning a camping trip for this weekend. can we still do outfit posts in the wild? well, you just wait and see.

happy thursday!

had to get a close up of this fantastic bracelet that my sister in law gifted me for our early christmas this year. it was made by a local brooklyn artist. i don’t think i’ve taken it off since. it pays to have trendy/awesome sisters in cool places. thanks, b!

holly jolly pleather.

if you think you can hear my teeth chattering in these pictures…….

well my friends, you are correct.

it was nearly 30 degrees outside when we shot these this morning, and holy cow. i’m pretty sure you can see my neck muscles straining in every picture. attractive, right? i ran home right after and immediately changed into a cozy sweater, boots and a scarf.  so i (sort of) wore this outfit today. for all of five minutes. which i’m really bummed about, because i am in love with these (p)leather shorts. who knew one day i’d pledge my love to pleather.

the other (and most important) reason i had to change into something a little more conducive to this chilly weather, is because we are going christmas tree shopping after work!! (cue the bells and carols!!!)  i am just a little bit excited. we made a quick trip over there yesterday to scope them out, and we found the perfect one. chad said no to the 8 foot tree  (i guess i understand. we’d have to saw that puppy down to even fit in the house) so we settled on a cute 6-7 footer. so. off we go after work to pick up our little tree and take it home to decorate. hooray!

i just love this time of year. the days are filled with christmas music and preperation for the holidays. my online shopping has increased tenfold. not to mention, we have a BIG announcement that we are waiting to tell in mid december! we are just giddy with excitement! so be sure to check back then to see what we are hiding up our sleeves. (attention: we are not having a baby. i repeat. the announcement is not a baby.)

and! last but not least. we are planning a little new years trip to the city of angels. so if any of you LA natives have any fun places to visit/places to hang out on New Years Eve, leave me a comment and let this girl know!  i can’t wait to get plannin!

okay. wrapping this up. all of this obnoxious christmas cheer is just radiating through my fingertips and onto my keyboard. can’t. stop. typing. my. excitement.

so on that note, i will leave you with these words of wisdom: even if they are pleather, shorts are not fit for winter weather. and there i go. rhymin like nobody’s business.

now go have a holly jolly day.

shorts: forever 21

tights: target

blouse: forever 21 {similar} {similar}

shoes: chinese laundry

lipstick: NARS

elastic waistbands.

who is wearing elastic waistbands today? raise your hand. don’t be ashamed. i threw on these leggings today (and yesterday) as i have eaten my fair share of thanksgiving-y treats. also. why is it so EASY to get up early on vacation and so dang hard to get up on the first monday back to work?  seriously. someone please explain that. i woke up every day the past 5 days cheery as a chipmunk. and today? i think i permanently snoozed my alarm. for good. i rolled out of bed, jumped in the shower, and grabbed whatever was over the chair of my vanity. sad, i know.

chad said, “hey, are we doing outfit pictures this morning?” i looked down and was like “ummm, but this is my after thanksgiving/found it on the floor/wrinkled/although quite clean & comfy” outfit.

but hey, i keep it real here.

so. for your viewing pleasure. i introduce you to my leggings/flats/big sweater and a “hair cover up” outfit. you’re welcome. don’t stop reading. i promise i’ll show up tomorrow with a decent outfit.

and clean hair.

just documenting my disdain for elastic waistband outfit posts below.