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peter & tink.

 happy halloween, everyone!

chad and i mulled over what in the world we should be for halloween the past few weeks. we originally wanted to be mary poppins and the chimney sweeper, but our last minute attitudes left us kind of limited with our costume options.

so! we put our heads together and decided that we would make use of chads red hair. now, if any of you have ever tried to find a peter pan costume for a very manly, 6’6” mountain of a man..then you feel my pain right now.  there were many tireless hours spent at the sewing machine last night. maybe a few tears. and maybe one or two unpleasant words were spoken. my sewing machine is really lucky she made it through the night. but alas, my college sewing class skills were put to use….and overnight, chad morphed into peter. my little brother put it best when he said “how did you manage to reverse the effects of puberty on chad?” magic, people. magic, tears, blood and sweat. okay, maybe just a quick shave on his part, and a felt hat tutorial on mine. but hey, i think he makes a pretty good looking peter pan, if i do say so myself.

now, as far as tinker bell goes…..finding a costume was almost the death of me. last night, as i had almost given up all efforts to find something to wear, i found this hot pink tutu in the childrens section at target. don’t look at me like that. i know what you’re thinking. but, i picked the biggest size i could find in the little girls section, and i marched straight to the dressing room. with a little struggle over the backside…..boom. that little tutu fit just fine. so don’t go knockin the kids section ladies. disney designs has some great stuff for girls of any age if you’re looking to put a little sparkle in your closet!

anyway, its our first halloween as a married couple, and we are really looking forward to the little ones climbing up the stairs of our porch for some tricks and treats. we stocked up on candy, and have recorded the greatest halloween movie of all time to watch while we wait…”hocus pocus”!

i’m lucky i have such a willing husband to dress up as a disney character without any fuss. but to be honest, i think he is having a little too much fun wielding his fun size knife and flying around downtown.

hope you have as much fun as we are this halloween, ladies and gents! don’t be afraid to get crazy and shop in the kids section or walk around town with a felt hat and gold trimmed belt. take it from us.


 and, of course, tink can’t be tink without peter pan…

i just realized this looks like one of those “themed” peter pan engagement sessions. we aren’t THAT into disney, y’all.

fall and all things yummy.

 well, its actually beginning to feel like fall here in texas. and only a month late.

get it together lonestar state.

i miss the fall seasons back in arkansas. the leaves changing, the crisp smell in the air in the woods where i grew up, the cool mornings and the open windows. so much nostalgia wrapped up in the slightest scent of fall. so what could be better than getting our first taste of it here in texas? it means big, cozy sweaters, boots, warm chai tea, and best of all, snuggling under blankets because we are too cheap to turn our heat up yet.

even better? when fall rolls around, the crock pot gets dusted off, and soups and stews are made.  yesterday on my lunch break (i repeat, on my lunch break, people!) i went home and grabbed all the fixins for some chicken vegetable soup. i chopped, sauteed, chopped some more, and most importantly, plugged in that crock pot. end result?           a heavenly smell as i walked in the door at 5 oclock, and a very happy husband.

i could go as super wife for halloween, but really, i’d at least like to wear a costume….

kidding. kidding. crockpot recipes are yummy. big chunky knit sweaters are yummy. snuggling is yummy. fall is just plain ol yummy.

dress: target

boots: report footwear

necklace: anthropologie

sweater: urban outfitters {similar}

a little secret.

i have a secret.

i’m not actually wearing this today. this was yesterdays outfit for church.  i knew that this morning’s frigid temperatures were not conducive to running around in a little dress taking pictures before work. so, i cheated. guilty.

but my toasty warm appendages thanked me for it.

plus, the square is nearly empty on a sunday morning, which means there are very few strangers peeking around corners while i pose for photos. i already feel like i’m on a never ending senior photo shoot. (minus the extreme blonde highlights and fake nails) so, i try to keep my audience to a minimum if you know what i mean.

anyway, happy monday before the spookiest day of the year! can’t wait to share what chad and i have up our sleeves. the ideas are endless with a red headed husband.

peter pan? peter pan? or…peter pan? stay tuned, folks.

dress: forever 21

shoes: forever 21

necklace: forever 21

jacket: shopruche (last year)

watch: michael kors 

lipstick & a messy bun.

the winter winds blew in last night, my friends. this morning was one of those mornings where you know if you pull back the sheets and warm down comforter, the cold wooden floors await you. so instead of getting out of bed like i should have, i mindlessly wasted some time on the good ol interwebs. (400 instagram pictures later) i passed the “you have the potential of looking cute today” point…(10 minutes of staring aimlessly at the ceiling) and i passed the “you no longer have time to do your hair” point. (peeling back the covers, replacing them. peeling them back. replacing them) and now i have reached the “chad is even up. you have 15 minutes to get ready, lazy! get. up.” point.

okay, im up.

and that, my friends, is how i started my friday morning.  so below, i will be showing off my “hey, i’m going to open my closet and the first thing i touch is what i will be wearing today” outfit. (obviously a lot of thought went into these choices)

so i hope you stayed in bed a little longer on this chilly morning, as well. there’s nothing wrong with geting ready in 15 minutes.

thats why someone created messy buns. and lipstick. bless their sweet, sweet hearts.

happy weekend, friends.

sweater: gap

jacket: h&m {similar}

jeans: forever 21

loafers: target {similar}

necklace: anthropologie

lipstick: makeup forever {candy pink}

he got ready in less time than me. and looks handsome, too. oh, if it were only that easy….

and for any inquiring male minds out there..

chads hoodie: {Obey at Nordstrom}

henley shirt: target

jeans: gap

boots: {bedstu}

the red beard: {ya can’t buy that, folks}