Back To Reality

Oh my goodness, what a whirlwind these past few weeks have been. The mission trip Chad and I went on to Costa Rica was absolutely humbling, heart wrenching and joy filled. All at once.  I worked at a medical clinic most of the days we were there, while Chad filmed a house build in San Jose. The family lived in a dangerous, poverty filled area.  I don’t say that lightheartedly.  Or with judgment.  The days were long, but rewarding. My feet ached from standing all day and I threw myself into bed every night and fell fast asleep. We were also able to enjoy a few fun-filled days there (just the two of us), as well.
That was great fun, and we built lasting memories that I will forever treasure.

More about that later, but for today, I figured I would get back into the swing of things with a good ol’ outfit post. After wearing Nike shorts and tank tops every day, it felt nice to get dressed up, play with my hair and take time to put make up on! (Let’s see how long that lasts, shall we?)
With that said, it’s going to be a scorcher today. That usually means a good maxi dress or jumper will be my daily uniform.

I have so much to talk about, but I will save it for later.
I have endless amounts of work to do at the office, and it always seems like there is not enough time to catch up!

Hope you all enjoy this beautiful Monday!


Romper: Forever 21
Bracelets: Forever 21
Heels: c/o Riffraff








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A Small Town Celebration

Chad and I woke up early and sat on the porch to enjoy a quiet little morning.  Chad drank his coffee and I read a little as we watched everyone park along our street, dressed in their red white and blue. Toting tiny patriotic tots, camping chairs and coolers full of snacks. We smiled at each other, for a few reasons. One, because it was just so darn cute. And two? Because we were secretly happy we didn’t have to find a parking spot.  We got dressed and walked down to the square just in time for the downtown Fourth of July parade.  It was by and large one of the cutest, most patriotic things I have ever seen. photo 1 (7) photo 5 (5) photo 5 (5) copy   photo 2 (9) photo 2 (9) copy


After the parade, a small part of the square was blocked off for games, watermelon slices, a kissing booth and lots of other 4th of July activities.  It was pretty much the cutest thing ever.

photo 1 (7) copy 2 photo 4 (8) photo 5 (5) copy 2 photo 2 (9) copy 3 photo 3 (9) copy 4
The rest of the afternoon was spent shopping around at our favorite places on the square.
First up, cooling off at our favorite place, Patina Green.
It felt like the hottest Fourth of July, and we needed a little something to quench our thirst!
photo 3 (9) copy 3 photo 4 (7) photo 3 (9) photo 4 (7) copy 3

We spent the rest of the afternoon in Fourth of July cuteness overload, and stopped in a few of our favorite places. Missing Q Press, Local Yocal and of course The Antique Company Mall. A few handfuls of kettle corn and a hotdog (or two) later, we walked back home hand in hand. We chatted about how cute it will be in a few years when we can take our kids down for the morning parade. There is something about a neighborhood Fourth of July celebration that really makes the heart swell, you know what I mean?

photo 4 (7) copy 2

photo 5 (5) copy 4

photo 1 (7) copy 4

photo 2 (9) copy 2

photo 1 (7) copy 5

photo 1 (7) copy 3

photo 5 (5) copy 3

We seriously live in one of the cutest  towns in all of Texas. Perhaps all of the South, even.  We ended the night with a giant firework celebration filled with new friends (who we love), food trucks, a giant bag of kettle corn and cheesy country music. Among thousands, we were the last ones to leave the field. We chatted and laughed until the lights went off, grabbed our quilt and camping chairs and walked back to the car in the dark.

photo 1 (7) copy

photo 3 (9) copy

photo 4

photo 3 (9) copy 2

photo 2 (8)

A Fourth of July for the books.
Now we are off to Costa Rica! I must get to packing (late as usual).
I’ll be absent from the blog for a week or so.
Chad and I are headed to San Jose on a mission/adventure trip.
Be sure to follow along on Instagram, as usual!









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Retro Vibes

I love a good cut-out dress. Not to mention, one that fits the retro vibe that I love so much.
This BB Dakota dress from Lulu*s is the perfect summer dress.
Not to mention, there are so many ways to style it!

This may have to be packed into the suitcase for Costa Rica this weekend.  I am so looking forward to spending some time in a place I have always wanted to visit, but I feel so scattered here at home! I have so many things going on right now, and I feel like every time we get close to finishing something…we jet out of town! And it’s already July!  How in the world did that happen?  I’m looking forward to having Friday off and hanging out with friends. I need at least one “chill” day before we leave again!
Plus, the 4th is one of my favorite holidays!
Hamburgers, watermelon, fireworks, picnic blankets.
Americana, at it’s finest!
Hope everyone has some fun plans for the Holiday!


photo 3 (9)

BB Dakota Dress c/o Lulu*s
Heels: c/o Windsor
Sunglasses: c/o Lulu*s
Purse: c/o Lulu*s

photo 3 (9) copy

photo 1 (7)

photo 2 (8) copy

photo 2 (8)

photo 5 (5)

photo 4 (7) copy

photo 4 (7)






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Summer Breeze

I have to ask myself the dreaded question….”Is it really Monday, already?” This weekend honestly just flew by faster than I even expected.  I helped host a friends bridal shower this weekend, and we decided to have it at my house. It was the first time that many people had been over since we purchased it last October, and boy was it stressful!  Don’t get me wrong, it was so fun to have everyone over and all the ladies were so wonderful and gracious with their compliments. (But, of course, as the homeowner? I’m secretly thinking about all the spots that haven’t been painted and all of the work we still have left to do!)  Not to mention, our air duct system is not the greatest, so I was constantly running to turn the AC down as low as it would go!  That’s the wonderful part about Texas summers and old homes. Now if we can just get screens on our windows, we can enjoy a nice summer breeze!

Speaking of summer, this dress just screams summer to me.  I love how breezy it is and the low back adds a special little touch. Vinnie Louise just kills it with these sweet, summery dresses.
Perfect for Texas weather!

vinnie louise1

Dress: c/o Vinnie Louise
Shoes: c/o Lulu*s
vinnie louise6 vinnie louise3 vinnie louise4 vinnielouise6 vinnie louise5 vinnie louise7 vinnie louise2

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